The Hemp Superstore is dedicated to bringing only the best, most innovative hemp products to our customers. Everything stocked by us is rigorously researched to make sure it’s ethically sourced and made with respect to both people and the planet.

So why not take a look? From candles to clothing, health and wellbeing products, art, printing services and more, The Hemp Superstore is the premiere place for premium quality, sustainable hemp products.

Or you can also visit us at our newest home in the CBD on String Bean Alley – Queen Victoria Markets latest shopping destination, or at our Camberwell store, just 13km south east of Melbourne.

About the Founder

For 20 years, Gen Lane was a high-flying executive with a range of global brands spanning across  Natural Medicine, Beauty, Newborn and Pharmaceutical industries. And with a lifelong and contagious passion for all things health, Gen launched her first hemp business in 2016.

As fate would have it, shortly after launching her business, a major accident involving a freight truck and her car would change things forever. Sustaining serious spinal injuries Gen lived with chronic pain for the next two years before undergoing spinal surgery in January 2018 after exhausting all other non surgical options. But the Universe still had one more surprise for Gen up its sleeve.

Multiple Sclerosis.

For many, these events would be a major setback, but for Gen it was a sign. A sign that she had to muster her grit, determination, strength and experience to change the world for the better. She knew it was her duty to expand the business and spread her knowledge of hemp and its health benefits, for the people, and for the planet.

And so The Hemp Superstore was born.

gen hemp superstore

Frequent questions

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a member of the cannabis family of plants and often gets confused with its more famous cousin, marijuana.

But while they’re related, the two plant strains are worlds apart in application.

Hemp contains minimal amounts of the psychoactive compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that marijuana is famous for, meaning it can’t get you ‘high’.  Instead hemp’s strong, fibrous nature makes it great for making textiles and other products such as bio-degradable plastics, health and wellness products, biofuels, paper and more.

Hemp also contains high amounts of CBD oil (Cannabidiol), a non-psychoactive compound which has exciting prospects for treating a range of illnesses and ailments, including chronic pain issues and epilepsy.

How can hemp be used?

Hemp is extremely versatile.

The outer fibres of the plant are used for things like canvas and rope, while the innards are used for products like paper.

In addition to using hemp fibres, hemp growers also harvest hemp seeds for food or to be made into hemp oil for use in paints and cosmetics.

Growers can also extract CBD oil (Cannabidiol) from the stalks, leaves and buds of the plant. CBD oil is being used to assist in the treatment of epilepsy and is being tested for treating a range of other ailments, including chronic pain conditions and more.

Why choose hemp?

It’s good for people:

Hemp seeds are known to contain high amounts of the essential fatty acids the body needs for optimum health and nutrition, such as omega-3 and omega-6, as well as its high amounts of vegan protein. Hemp is also rich in CBD oil, which is being shown to help with a range of illnesses and ailments.

It’s good for the planet:

Hemp doesn’t require large amounts of water like other crops do (eg cotton, rice etc), and because it’s naturally resilient to disease and insects it can be grown without pesticides or herbicides. Hemp is fast growing and low maintenance, making it the ultimate low-impact crop!

It’s good for products:

Hemp is extremely versatile, with a whole host of products able to be created from this super plant. It can be used to create textiles, food, fuel, wellness products, paints, biodegradable plastics, building materials and more!