The end of hemp prohibition?

While we’re not in a full-blown state of legalisation, many states and countries are slowly repealing bans on the growth of hemp and its cousins.

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Prepare for Winter with hemp-based skincare

While many conventional products find their basis in crude oil, hemp-based skincare products are based on renewable, eco-friendly hemp oil.

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Hemp Revolution Ramps Up

With the world facing increasing environmental pressure from the use of petrochemicals and other unsustainable materials, hemp has been making a slow and steady comeback with an unlikely nation leading the way.

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Top 5 Hemp Clothing Benefits

With winter on the way, we thought today we’d take a look at what makes hemp such a great choice for keeping you clothed in any season!

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Get Healthy With Hemp

We all know the Hemp plant is great for making a whole host of products from rope to paper, plastics, paints and beyond. But did you know hemp is also a great health supplement?

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Hemp Farming in Australia

Australia’s a large, barren continent with a strong agricultural heritage built on the back of sheep farming. But there’s an ancient crop that’s beginning to take on a new lease of life, now that the government has rolled back laws preventing its cultivation.

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Hemp Wick Candles In Melbourne

Humans have been using candles since the time of the Ancient Egyptians, where the wealthy used candles made by pouring tallow from natural resources such as animals fats poured over a fibrous material like hemp, to be used as the wick.

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Launching The Journey to Today

I’ll never forget the feeling of starting my first hemp business. There was an immediate sense of purpose, almost like it was what I’d been waiting for my entire life.

In 2016 I had everything you could want – the job, a new business of my own and the lifestyle.

Then a life changing moment hit me like a truck. Literally.

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