Hemp Shoes: Natural & Sustainable Footwear

Stylish and eco-friendly, shoes made from hemp offer a natural and comfortable alternative to leather or other manufactured, non-organic materials. 

Boasting a rugged, unrefined style – vegan shoes can be incredibly versatile while at the same time providing all day support.

The introduction of natural, vegan footwear

The sad truth is that more than 23 billion pairs of sneakers are made every year and over 300 million pairs are thrown out annually. On average, it takes almost 40 years for a pair of shoes to fully decompose – making sneakers one of the most wasteful retail items to produce.

Because of this, it’s no surprise that in recent years brands have introduced a range of sustainable shoe options to coincide with the recent momentum for climate change. 

Made from recycled plastic bottles or recyclable cardboard, sustainable materials are becoming a more popular solution for footwear. As organic vegan shoes gain more traction, manufacturers, retailers and even small businesses are looking for ways to introduce a more eco-friendly product offering.

Arguably, one of the most sustainable fibres in the world – hemp, has recently made its debut in the vegan shoe industry, capturing the attention of environmentalists across the globe.

What makes hemp footwear sustainable?

Hemp is becoming more accessible because hemp farming is beginning to expand across Australia for a range of reasons. Drought-resistant, incredibly resilient and easy to grow, hemp doesn’t require harmful pesticides. It can find comfort in different soil types and poses an economical solution that holds up against the harsh Australian climate.  

Just like farmers, retailers are also looking for a more sustainable future – which is why plant based footwear is becoming more popular. Hemp shoes are usually made from a blend of fibres and because hemp’s tensile strength is about 3 times what organic cotton’s is, it poses a sturdier solution for footwear.

How are hemp shoes made?

Whether you’re crafting hemp sneakers or hemp boots, the process is quite similar to the way you would craft a normal shoe. The main difference is that instead of using cotton or other popular fibres – hemp is typically one of the only textiles used during construction. 

The benefits of vegan shoes

Hemp clothing and footwear offer a range of benefits for wearers. Beyond being an eco-friendly and chemical-free natural material, hemp is also:

  • Extra strong. Hemp has a track record for strength and was even used for making ship sails back in the day. Hemp footwear can hold up against the day-to-day pressures of everyday wear and tear.
  • Incredibly versatile. Hemp can be blended with a range of fabrics, which means it can be used to create a range of footwear solutions. 
  • Easy to care for. Hemp grows softer with each wear, making it extra comfortable and easy on the feet. It’s antibacterial properties also mean it’s slower to produce odours.

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