Real Hair Fringe Bands ‘Cut for Confidence’

Tens of thousands of women in Australia are affected everyday by the devastating impact of hair loss from chemotherapy treatment.

There is something we can all do, with as little as 15cm of hair and it can be dyed!

Confident Locks™, created by Melbourne based company Real Fringe Hair Bands are a new and innovative creation that are set to revolutionise the hair loss industry. For cancer patients, there is finally a brand-new product on the market – and women are amazed by its ingenuity.

Real Fringe Hair Bands was founded by Nicole DeMatos who has been an oncology nurse since 2000. She has supported countless patients through their treatments and witnessed their personal struggles with the side effects of these life-saving treatments. From here, the idea for Real Fringe Hair Bands and Confident Locks™ was born.

Confident Locks™ are made from real human hair that is sewn on to a medical grade, non-slip silicone headband, and can be worn underneath a hat, scarf, beanie, or any other choice of headwear. By allowing the scalp to breathe, they are super comfortable to wear and are low irritant which is especially important for those with sensitive skin, have some hair growth, or are undergoing radiation to the head.

They were created with the hopes of empowering anyone who has lowered self-confidence and self-esteem as a result of hair loss, helping patients discover a renewed sense of self-worth and normalcy. There’s not much we can do to reduce the physical challenges cancer sufferers have to endure and Real Fringe Hair Bands is making a real impact on the lives of these patients.

Be part of what we aspire to of the largest community hair donation events every year. Register today to join us on either Saturday 22 February or Sunday 23 February at the Hemp Superstore® in String Bean Alley, Queen Victoria Market.

All hair donations will be used by Real Hair Fringe Bands to create Confident Locks™ for patients, and any monetary donations received will be donated to the Olivia Newton John Cancer and Wellness Centre.


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