Bohempia Orasa

Orasa is a court-inspired lace-up high-top sneaker ideal for all foot types. A classic style that can be worn anywhere, anytime and everything in between.

All of our hemp shoes are 100% Vegan PETA certified and unisex in design. Made from natural hemp fibres ditch the rubber soles and vegetable tanned leathers and go 100% sustainable with hemp shoes today.

Why we love these: Bohempia footwear is designed and produced with love and passion in Bohemia, the heart of Europe. Using only local materials Bohempia minimize their carbon footprint and ensure responsible production.

Hemp clothing and footwear offer a range of benefits for wearers. Beyond being an eco-friendly and chemical-free natural material, hemp is also:

Extra strong. Hemp has a track record for strength and was even used for making ship sails back in the day. Hemp footwear can hold up against the day-to-day pressures of everyday wear and tear.

Incredibly versatile. Hemp can be blended with a range of fabrics, which means it can be used to create a range of footwear solutions.

Easy to care for. Hemp grows softer with each wear, making it extra comfortable and easy on the feet. It’s antibacterial properties also mean it’s slower to produce odours.

Great to know: 100% canvas upper, vulcanized outer sole, 100% vegan, PETA-certified, REACH-certified eco-friendly dyes, impact absorbing molded PU inside, made in the EU.




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Comfortable and durable, moulded PU insole provide cushioning and support superior to conventional EVA foam. It supports good posture and absorbs shock with every step.

PETA-certified vegan product with a 100% hemp canvas upper and natural rubber outsole.

Ethically & ecologically made by hand in the European Union.


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