Candle Gift Box 2 x 300g

Who doesn’t love scented candles? We’ve got a collection of hand poured hemp candles that are sure to satisfy every sensation. Cant decide which ones to choose? We love the following combinations in our gift boxes!

  • Signature and Golden Years.
  • Australian Bush and Clean and Calm.
  • Cheeky Cow and Asian Pear & Lilly.
  • Euphoria and Good Vibes.

For a  time only pick any two of your favourite Raging Bull and Cheeky®️ Hemp Candles beautifully gift boxed in 100% Biodegradable materials and printed on hemp, feel great about making a difference and reducing your footprint this Christmas.

Find more ideas to make your space more sustainable today with more hemp products online today.


$63.98 $55.00


Additional Information

Using only certified natural ingredients, organic 100% hemp candle wicks, paraffin free waxes, and compostable labels when you are finished bring back your used jars and receive 10% off your next candle purchase.

Find your perfect candle today and feel good everyday!


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