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The Hemp Superstore®️ is dedicated to bringing only the best, most innovative hemp products from across the globe to you our customers. Everything ranged by us is truly sustainable from the ingredients, to how it is manufactured, all the way through to packaging/labelling, and always to excellence in ethos and sustainable practices across the global hemp industry.

From Candles, Skincare, Clothing, Foods, even Print & Publish services and much more The Hemp Superstore®️ is the premier place in Australia for premium quality, sustainable hemp products So why not take a look?

About the Founder For 20 years, Gen Lane was a high-flying executive working with a range of global brands spanning across Natural Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Beauty, Baby industries and with a lifelong and contagious passion for all things health Gen launched her first hemp business Raging Bull and Cheeky Cow®️ Artisan Hemp Wick Candles in 2016.

As fate would have it, shortly after launching her business, a major accident involving a freight truck and her car would change things forever. Sustaining serious spinal injuries Gen then lived with chronic pain for the next two years before undergoing spinal surgery in January 2018 after exhausting all other non-surgical options.

But the Universe still had one more surprise for Gen 6 months after her surgery. Multiple Sclerosis.

For many, these events would be a major setback, but for Gen it was the final sign that she had to muster her grit, determination, strength and experience to change the world for the better, and The Hemp Superstore®️ was born.

Whilst life isn’t the same for Gen, by sharing her experience and health journey with hemp has become something that is inspiring all of us to make changes we need too make today not only for our health, but for the planet that we call home.

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