Hemp Based Skincare

With Autumn here now is the time to update your skincare regime with natural hemp-based skin and body care products.

Why hemp-based skincare?

Hemp oil contains the prefect ratio of Omega 3:6 essential fats, and all known amino acids. It also has a cosmetic non-comedogenic rating of zero (meaning it doesn’t block pores), simply full of things that are great for your skin! Let’s take a look at what hemp-based skincare products can do to help keep you looking fresh and radiant through every day in any season.

Hemp-based skincare

Many conventional products find their basis in crude oil. Our hemp-based skincare products are based on renewable, eco-friendly organic hemp oil.

Conventional products tend to use an abundance of chemicals and additives that can leave your skin feeling dry and dull. Hemp-based products tend to eschew the additives, leaving the wonders of hemp to work their magic on your skin as each change of season hits.

Choose from our Award-Winning Hemp Skincare ranges and dedicated Men’s Grooming ranges, all made without the use of harsh chemicals and are made with certified organic Australian ingredients.  From facial serums, soaps and serums browse our ranges today.

Hemp-based skincare? It’s all about acids.

Hemp oil contains the perfect ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These essential fats assist with keeping skin smooth and firm. Hemp oil is well known for improving skin cell structure with its key nutrients, leaving behind silky smooth hydrated skin. There is no doubt that hemp oil-based products are some of the most powerful natural moisturisers known to mankind.

Hemp-based skincare products are the ultimate skin food with all known key amino acids, helping your skin generate collagen and elastin. These may assist in preventing wrinkles by assisting your skin to retain moisture – great for use with conditions like dry and cracked skin, as well as eczema.

Hemp’s a natural at balancing both oily and dry skin, making it safe for daily use on all skin types right throughout all seasons. It provides protection against the elements, while enhancing your skin’s natural glow and delivering silky smooth spotless skin.

El3vate Men’s Face Cream

Find the perfect hemp-based skincare

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