Launching The Journey to Today

The Hemp Superstore Journey to Now

I’ll never forget the feeling of starting my first hemp business. There was an immediate sense of purpose, almost like it was what I’d been waiting for my entire life.

In 2016 I had everything you could want – the job, a new business of my own and the lifestyle.

Then a life changing moment hit me like a truck. Literally.

Initially told I had whiplash, they later discovered I had a severe spinal injury requiring surgery.

And while the wait for surgery dragged on, my busy lifestyle accelerated. Work kept going and my side business making Ethically Produced Hemp Candles began growing. And when I thought it was at the limit, then came a diagnosis that nobody saw coming, Multiple Sclerosis.

Making a Change

After 42 years leading an active, healthy lifestyle, there I was still recovering from spinal surgery and being told I had MS.  It seemed like the universe wasn’t just calling me to do something different with my life, it was dragging me by the scruff of the neck.

So, after getting out of hospital, I got to work.
And The Hemp Superstore is the result.

I want to show people how hemp is changing our world. After years of being ignored for its incredible planetary benefits, we’re finally starting to rediscover how hemp can can heal our planet and help our people.

Equally importantly, I want to show people that if you stick to your dreams you can achieve anything. That life’s setbacks don’t need to stop you from realising your goals and working to change the world.

Where to next?

As The Hemp Superstore grows and changes, we’re going to bring you the latest and greatest newsproducts, and information from the world of hemp. Be it the latest in hemp beauty, technology, fashion, or health, you’ll hear it first here with us!

So sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, then stay tuned for more from The Hemp Superstore!

Until then, thank you for being part of The Hemp Superstore story. You’re in for an incredible journey.

– Gen

P.S If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂


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