Top 5 Hemp Clothing Benefits

With summer slowly fading, it’s time to plan out your winter wardrobe. And what better way to keep toasty warm on those cold winter nights than with the versatile, environmentally friendly hemp clothing? Today we’ll take a look at what makes hemp such a great choice for keeping you clothed in any season!

What are the top 5 hemp clothing benefits?

1. It’s good for the environment

Plenty of clothes out there today are bad for the environment. Cotton requires a lot of water to grow, not to mention pesticides and other chemicals. Synthetic fabrics introduce more micro-plastics to the environment – and they feel a little bit ‘off’ when you wear them. The new “Fast-Fashion” movement means that clothes aren’t even made for longevity, meaning people are turning over their wardrobes faster than ever.

That’s why renewable, eco-friendly, chemical free hemp is the choice for environmentally conscious customers.

2. It’s strong

Clothing made from hemp is lightweight and strong – nearly three times stronger than cotton.
Hemp has a long history as a textile, even being used for ship sails, meaning you can rely on hemp clothing to handle the day to day pressures of the modern world.

3. It’s versatile

Hemp textiles can be made into anything and it can be blended with other fibres for different garment uses. Hemp blended with silk is a popular choice for hemp clothing, or hemp blended with organic cotton. As an organic, breathable fabric, hemp makes for great summer or winter garments – and everything in between!

4. It’s good for you

Hemp clothing is free from nasty chemicals that are found in many modern textile manufacturing. A 100% biodegradable fabric, being free from chemicals makes it perfect for those of us with sensitivities. What’s more, hemp is naturally anti-microbial – helping deal with nasty bacteria and microbes. What’s more, hemp’s anti-fungal and anti-mildew – making storage a breeze.

5. It’s easy care

Although hemp clothing is strong, it grows softer with each wear and maintains its colours easily. It’s anti-bacterial properties mean it’s slow to product odours, and the natural properties of the hemp fibres mean it doesn’t wrinkle easily.

So you spend less time washing and ironing, and more time doing the things you LOVE.

What’s not to love?

Hemp clothing and apparel is a smart choice for environmentally aware citizen of earth.

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