When Hemp Met™️ …Fine Whole Foods just made mornings a whole lot better for health-conscious coffee lovers!

Our coffees are roasted in Melbourne with our award-winning coffee specialists (cuppers) and are then are beautifully hand infused with 100% Australian grown hemp seeds to create a smooth, delicious hemp coffee experience each time.

Many people love not only the taste of our coffee but the aroma of hemp and how hemp helps to reduce bitterness sometimes associated with espresso style coffee.

With the perfect blend of beans, healthy essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals find your perfect hemp blend and enhance your daily coffee experience every day with When Hemp Met™️ …Fine Whole Foods.


House Blend:  A rich and sensuous combination of coffee beans from Eastern Africa, South America and South-East Asia.

Cupping notes:  Deep, Dark, and smooth flavour profile, yet finishes with a clean palate.


Dark Blend: 100% Arabica coffees sourced from highlands of South America, Asia and Africa.

Cupping Notes:  Smooth, dark cocoa, caramel with slight fruit notes.


Light Blend:  100% arabica multi-origin coffees from Ethiopia, Brazil, Papua New Guinea and South-East Asia.

Cupping Notes:  Bright and full aroma with rich depth of flavour. Finishing smooth on the palate with balanced sweetness and light fruit acidity.

Made and hand infused in Melbourne with non-GMO ingredients, Gluten Free.


Additional Information

Est.2018 When Hemp Met™️…Fine Whole Foods ranges of hemp-based foods are handcrafted inhouse by our team of local Melbourne artisan award winning chefs. From cooking, confectionery, beverages, and much more you’ll never guess what When Hemp Met™️…Fine Whole Foods will meet next!


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