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Why we love these: Did you know that paper industry uses more water than any other industry and is the fifth largest consumer of energy, accounting for 4 percent of all the world’s energy use? Also, 40 percent of all office waste ends up in landfills. Why should we switch to hemp paper?

One acre of hemp equals 4.1 acres of trees.

30 percent of trees are cellulose, 70 percent of which must be removed with chemicals.

Hemp is 85 percent cellulose.

Great to know: Hemp paper does not yellow, crack, or deteriorate like pulpwood paper does. In fact, it requires no bleaching.


Additional Information

Why hemp for paper?

Hemp is very versatile. The outer fibres of the plant are used for things like canvas and rope, while the innards are used for products like paper.

Hemp is 85 percent cellulose, which means it does not require chemicals like acid, chlorine or bleaching to make paper, and it also does not yellow, crack, or deteriorate like traditional pulpwood papers.

With so many environmental benefits hemp is the only sustainable choice in paper.


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