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Hemp Shoes

When you’re looking for all-day support and a natural, sustainable alternative to traditionally made shoes, you’ve found it in hemp. Handmade in Europe, our collection of hemp shoes is not only stylish but you’ll never want to wear anything else again. Why not do something for yourself that our planet will also appreciate? Go on –  check out the hemp shoes. 

The eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to traditionally made shoes

If you’re looking for a sign to move away from fast fashion and engage in sustainable, natural choices, this is it. Our hemp shoes not only leave a tiny carbon footprint but they also hold many other characteristics that will definitely appeal to the socially responsible individuals.

For one, our hemp shoes are free from chemicals and toxins. Because of their composition, they’re also completely biodegradable. Did we mention our hemp shoes are also breathable, durable and odour-free? The benefits of hemp shoes really are limitless.

Ready to start shopping? You’ll love our latest drop: the Bohempia’s Holata and Orasa range. Browse for more footwear today.

Step sustainably with hemp shoes and boots

Find vegan shoes in Melbourne that your feet – and the environment – will thank you for at The Hemp Superstore®️. 

Located in the heart of the CBD, visit us at our flagship store in String Bean Alley and try a pair of hemp shoes on. Alternatively, you can order online.


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