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At The Hemp Superstore, we wholeheartedly aim to embrace a hemp lifestyle, beginning with the clothes we wear, the skincare we use and even the foods we eat. Our love of hemp also extends to our love of literature. We’re proud to provide a compilation of novels and short stories, printed and published on hemp natural paper for you to enjoy.

Why choose hemp books?

Making the switch to hemp as a paper source can have a far-reaching and positive impact on our planet. Here’s just a few reasons why: for one, hemp can be produced much faster than trees. Secondly, hemp contains relatively high levels of cellulose while trees do not, which means paper from trees will require a lot more stripping down in order for it to be processed into a usable product. Best of all, hemp paper won’t turn yellow, crack or deteriorate like standard paper will – so you can enjoy re-reading your book for years to come without experiencing any discolouration.

So, go on – put your feet up and relax with a book you know is made from sustainable products.

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Rediscover your passion for reading or add to your library collection with our books, including award-winning author and hemp publisher Michael Phillips McCrady’s novels: Pittsburgh to Cadiz Part 1 and Pittsburgh to Cadiz Part 2. Pre-order your copy today and enjoy fast shipping across Australia and the rest of the globe.

Should you have any other questions about any of the books we stock or plan to stock in the future, please contact us and we’ll respond as soon as we can.


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