Pittsburgh to Cadiz Part 1

The first book of a series, the adventure begins in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The year is 1998, (just before cell phones and social media). Long days mean nothing when there’s a reason. After painting all summer, Mitch and his coworker Kevin head to Europe. With one-way tickets, the only way to commit, they wait a couple days at Kevin’s buddy’s flat in NYC, before at last landing in Luxembourg. After getting lost in Amsterdam, they then wait for the final leg in Manchester, England. Contracted to harvest Christmas trees, of all things, Mitch’s twenty-seventh birthday is on the same day they leave for the Highlands of Scotland. A hard, cold place.

A dark humor, with stark personalities, Mitch battles with his traveling partner, the weather, and his penchant for drugs and alcohol. He’s searching for the difference in life and the real meaning of art. He has a guitar, a camera, a snowboard—nothing out of the ordinary. Everyone does this, right?


Additional Information

Award winning author Mitchell Phillips McCrady was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and now lives in South Florida. He has worked on the beach as an ocean lifeguard since 1989, save for the eight years or so he spent traveling abroad and working various jobs. From house painting to unloading trucks, dragging Christmas trees to bailing hay, Pedi cab to traveling with a rock band, his experiences and common sense are evident in his writing. Mitchell has a distinct blue collar style. He has been writing and rewriting, from a longhand journal to a typewriter, from a borrowed laptop to an iMac … For over twenty years, Mitch has increased his vocabulary by the simple act of looking up words and writing out the definitions. The telling of a story is innate.


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